Our Projects

Water Security Planning

Scarcity of water is a rising issue not only in India but also all over the World. Many cities are declared as waterless cities. In India the situation is so poor. Rain is reducing day-by-day. To keep the water level intact in the ground, we need water harvesting.

From Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society, we encourage people in doing this and we also dig wells and clean ponds or rivers. We try to keep water pure and less polluted so that everyone can have enough supply of pure drinking water.

Toilet Construction and Create Awareness

The facility of using a clean sanitary toilet is not available in the rural areas and UURDS NGO is working on it. 300+ toilets for the BPL & POP family in the blocks of Amta. We have also initiated the awareness program on the total sanitation campaign in both blocks of the Howrah district. In the sanitation campaign, people have been made aware of the use of the toilet and safe drinking water.

Rural Development

The rural areas of Howrah are facing some serious issues and UURDSNGO is focused to solve those issues. We surveyed the areas and found that people are illiterate, unaware of the basic facilities of health, education and human rights. Problems like poor sanitation, poor hygiene, dirty water, and poor health are seen everywhere.

We arrange health camps where people get free health checkups, distribute blankets, arrange educational camps and empower women and youth to choose other career options. We also provide information about scientific agriculture and husbandry helping people in developing their agricultural and economic status.

Health Awareness

Volunteer doctors are working hard at the time of the outbreak of dysentery and also visit our school frequently in their free time. We also arrange free health check-up camps for all our students and staff where they get medicines free of cost. Some of our teachers are also aware of checking blood pressure and we provide them relevant check-up machines certified by doctors. One machine is donated by Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society for the benefits of the school students. 

In these years, we have made aware of the girls and women of the villages and they are taking things seriously. We talked with gram panchayat for building latrines and bathrooms in both schools and houses which have decreased the ratio of ill health.

About Us

Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society established on 22nd April, 2000 and registered on 13th November, 2000-2001 the governing body consists of nine members of whom the majority are women.

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