Our Activities

Sanitation Awareness Program

Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society believes that water and sanitation is an important part of our life. That’s why they organize health and hygiene sessions in the community and school to promote hygiene practice. We want to provide support in the household and community by creating and delivering medium which can lead to significant improvement in access, practice and health effects related to water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

In a country like India poverty is one of the main issues for poor 

sanitation conditions of slums and rural areas. We are aware of common people and teach the value of having pure drinking water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Women Self Help Group Promotion

UURDS NGO has encouraged communities (SHGs) to introduce these credit societies into their neighborhoods, which has increased awareness and acceptance of their concerns. Many SHG Members, especially the presidents, secretaries, and treasurers were able to get knowledge during the training of NABARD for rural women SHGs. Thus, UURDS NGO has helped

form community groups that empower themselves to become self-reliant. Another key component for empowerment has been developing thrift and credit societies focused on making the SHG members capable of maintaining their register books, accounts, banking operations, etc.

Environment Awareness Campaign

UURDS NGO has started a Save Environment Campaign to prevent people from cutting trees and engaging them into agriculture. Community members are unaware of different government acts which have been developed for their benefit. Through this activity, the community will establish rapport with the forest officials as these officials will be invited to attend different workshops, conferences, and seminars.

This initiative is a combination of income-generation campaign and environment-saving campaign which will encourage youth to be employed and will keep the environment safe.

SHG Training

Self-help groups are the best association to solve the problems of poor people in rural areas by providing business ideas. Self-help groups are the best way to form an idea for a business. Many small banks give loans to start small businesses through a group. We are focusing on creating some small self-help groups who can take a loan from the bank and do business themselves.

Our women members make little groups where local women

take part and get training over different things like vocational training, training to make handicrafts, pickle making, chips making, etc. In this program, we have tied up with the local administration to provide SHG training to the female members.

About Us

Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society established on 22nd April, 2000 and registered on 13th November, 2000-2001 the governing body consists of nine members of whom the majority are women.

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