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Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society established on 22nd April, 2000 and registered on 13th November, 2000-2001 the governing body consists of nine members of whom the majority are women. 

After registration, we started work at Amta Block-1 and promoted 147 Self-Help-Groups at 6 

Groups within 3 years with the financial assistance of NABARD. All these people in groups are women and they all enjoy credit linkage with the Local bank branch. At Amta, 6  women workers are working in the field for nurturing the SHGs.

Progress: In the year 2004, Raniganj Panchayat Samity requested us to take over the charge of Rural Sanitary Mart. Then we submitted the proposal to Raniganj Panchayat Samity with the recommendation of UNICEF and Burdwan Zilla parishad. After approval of the project we started working at Raniganj Block and started construction of household latrine. With an intensive IEC Program, we collected orders from the beneficiaries from 6 groups. After 3 years, Burdwan Zilla Parishad sanctioned 36 toilets for the Block1 in 6 high schools, 90 toilets at 45 Primary schools, 30 toilets at 14 SSK and 1 MSK, 12 toilets at 6 Junior High schools, 120 toilets for the whole Block out of 146 ICDS centers. 

Since 2005, we have constructed 8221 household latrines and still now are working in the field of Swachh Bharat Aviyan through construction of Household latrines till now. 

SHG Promotion: We have promoted SHGs with the approval of DRDC, Burdwan as a SHG promoting agency. Upto 2014, we have promoted 568 SHGs which are all women centered. Also arranged Basic organization Training (BOT), Bookkeeping Training, Kitchen Garden, Tailoring, Jute Bag making, Wool knitting, Kantha Stitch training, etc. for all SHG members. Most of the SHG members are well established today.

Other Programs: We have 2 ambulances as PPP Model which were sanctioned by Burdwan Zilla Parishad Swastha Sthayi Samity, Health and Family Welfare Department of West bengal. Among these 2 ambulances, one was allotted to Bahadurpur B.P.H.C. and the other was allotted to Akalpur B.P.H.C. Later, those two ambulances were converted as Matri Yan and now those are again surrendered to the authority as of insufficient patients. 

We observe various national and international days, arrange seminars on waste management, and arrange campaigns on saving the environment and tree plantation.

Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society is Registered with the Registrar of Societies and the type of NGO is Registered Societies (Non-Government) bearing the WEST BENGAL XXVI OF 1961 and the Registration Number is S/IL/858 of 2000-2001. The city and state of registration are Howrah and West Bengal. The date of registration is 13/11/2000. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is WB/2018/0202905.

In respect, we express our heartiest appreciation to the local administration. I also want to thank all my members, volunteers, donors, supporters and well-wishers who cooperate with the N.G.O. with active participation to succeed in all our welfare activities.

Our Mission

Mission of our organization is to create meaningful opportunities for the disadvantaged, distress and deprived segment of the society with a focus on development of the poor women to activate a socio-economically self-reliance mainly empowerment of the women.

Our vision

We are belonging to create a society cutting across all the barriers of cast, creed, and religion where body should be free from the evils of illiteracy, ill health, poverty, and explanation in the society and where everybody join their hand to hand for change the society and achieve the highest level of humanity and solidarity.

Our vision

To work for the promotion of education, health and skill development for the people in general and women and children in particular.

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By volunteering with Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society, you will become a vital part of the organisation ; and you will make a real difference to the lives of distressed women and their families. An opportunity that will not only develop your interpersonal skills, allow you to meet like-minded people; but will also be the most fulfilling and gratifying phase in your life that will echo with their laughter for years to come.

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About Us

Ushashi Urban & Rural Development Society established on 22nd April, 2000 and registered on 13th November, 2000-2001 the governing body consists of nine members of whom the majority are women.

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